After School Programs

Our primary program takes place after school once or twice a week. Where we offer a supervised social event for boys ages 8 -13. we have Heimishe drivers picking up the kids. We usually start the program with a sport; the boys get to release all their energy. We follow with an exciting game, show or activity. Snack (and occasionally supper) is being served. These hours spent together are the highlight of the week for the kids. These programs provide for the boys a healthy environment to grow and thrive. Read more

Big Brothers

As part of our after-school program, each counselor is paired with a small group of kids to act as their big brother. The kids have the phone number of their counselor and can call them anytime during the week with challenges to discuss something or even just to schmooze. These counselors are involved in the progress of the kids and are collaborating with the school. Read more

Special Events

Our special events are an essential part of our well rounded program including trips, carnivals, birthday parties, bar mitzvah celebration, Chanukah and Purim events, and many other creative activities give our boys another fun and exciting day in their life that they are looking forward to. Read more

Birthday/Bar Mitzvah

We celebrate the individual birthday party of every boy of the Chayeinu family, with a mega event that the boys will remember. Including bar mitzvahs, after all we are family…!! Read more


One of the most popular aspects of Chayeinu is our Hotline which the Boys call to find out the latest Chayeinu news and activities, looking forward to the latest events. The boys call in several times a week. some boys even call in on a daily basis!! Read more

Camp Connection

Our commitment for the kids extends to the summer as well. When the boys are off to camp, we remain family. Our counselors are in constant touch with the boys in camp and the staff. And go visit the kids IN camp. We send packages to the kids in camp a few times per summer. Read more

Other services (still in the developing stages...)

Motzei Shabbos Learning Program, Toddler group, Babysitting, food distribution, Library, Bucherim Group, summer weekly Sunday trips, social support groups, in-school tutors, Advocacy, Mega Girls program, Parenting support, Chol HaMoed trips, Chayeinu JR, Read more