About us

Chayeinu - a New Lease on Life

Chayeinu was founded with the mission to address the emotional needs of so many children in our community who come from single-parent households. Their life situations often bring with them confusion and pain. Chayeinu is a space of love, nurture and fun that they so desperately need.  

Over the years Chayeinu has served hundreds of children, and breathed new life into them. We have grown and expanded the programs, and today serve our constituents through the following programs.

Our Vision

The hallmark of our organization has been our creative gatherings and events which create an inviting wholesome atmosphere conducive to cultivating life supporting relationships. Our carefully planned programs focus on the well being of the children in a safe welcoming environment.

Our Mission

The wholesome ambiance at Chayeinu breeds a secure, supportive group in a natural setting, creating a loving family, even for children from single parent families.

Our Staff

Chayeinu is led by a core group of passionate professionals who understand the special needs of the families we serve. They, in turn, oversee a highly motivated team of counselors, mentors and volunteers that make our youth feel like they’ve come home.

Join Us

We accept applications from parents throughout the year. It includes virtually all of our programs, including the After School Program, Big Brother, Mentoring, holiday parties and much more.

who we are

Chayeinu provides comprehensive and preventative real time support to children of single parent families in a safe and caring environment. We provide the tools to help them not only cope, but also to thrive. We provide assistance and nurturing for the child, filling in the gaps and void that may exist at home.